Gulf Metal Foundry

As an industry leader manufacturing superior quality steel castings, Gulf Metal Foundry adheres to environmental best practices. Based on the company’s vision and mission, our waste management are building the foundation for a cleaner tomorrow. Our key priorities include transition towards a more sustainable future, with 100% recycling and net-zero waste sent to landfills. Emerging technologies and innovation play a significant role in this ongoing process.

Waste loaded on trucks

loaded on

Transferred towaste recycling facility

Transferred to
waste recycling

Hazardous waste is treated

waste is

Quality checks


Remainder send to building material firms

send to building
material firms

Products utilized by cement industries

utilized by
cement industries

Created of products & by products

Created of
products &
by products

Extraction of ferrous & non ferrous metals

Extraction of
ferrous & non
ferrous metals


At Gulf Metal Foundry, we implement a regular maintenance plan to minimise the loss of machining fluids and optimise operations. We also use high-quality lubricants and coolants, reducing the need to replace fluids more frequently, thereby generating less waste.



Our processes make the best use of metal by utilizing the highest percentage of sheets or blocks to ensure minimal generation of metal scraps. Any such scrap is repurposed, eliminating the need for garbage disposal, providing tons of secondary raw materials a second life.



Hazardous or non-hazardous waste is stored and transported following safety regulations, neutralized and recycled. Byproducts created from processes are creatively repurposed, resulting in no net waste meeting our goals of 100% recycling.

Low Emission

We strive to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of the waste management process, by renovating our facilities to boost energy efficiency. Our collection vehicles meet low emission standards. Our trucks and tippers also use the latest collection and container systems that adhere to strict safety regulations.

Zero Waste In Landfills

Zero Waste In

Our entire resource extraction, consumption, and waste management cycle is designed to ensure that no resources are wasted. By diverting 100% of our waste from landfills, we ensure that all waste and byproducts are reused, repurposed or composted.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced Carbon

We have made significant progress in our sustainability journey by investing in green economy infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions. Increasing the usage of steel scrap in steelmaking and upgrading our facilities has also ensured that the foundry is energy-efficient and sustainable.

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