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We maintain high standards of excellence from design and simulation to product delivery. Our castings are manufactured through advanced but rigorously supervised processes.

GMF manufactures sand castings for major industries like oil & gas, power, chemical, engineering.

Advance technology, technical knowhow and engineering excellence has led us to manufacture a bespoke range of sound quality castings.


Our Process

Profitable casting production is achieved by adopting engineering excellence and developing a high degree of melt, rigging, gating and risers optimization. It is also important to avoid macro shrinkage and casting defects besides ensuring proper evaluation of stress and temperature induced distortions. GMF is well-equipped with industry specific engineering tools and software to conduct feasibility studies.

  • GMF engineering works on Magma soft 5.3 modules and conducts comprehensive Thermal and Solidification analysis. Magma soft enables us to conduct studies on melt inoculation, pouring and ladle

characteristics, predict possible sand casting defects, centerline quantification, as well as analyse stress and shrinkage, thermal and mechanical properties after heat treatment.

  •  Simulation Systems and Design Data integration with DELCAM Software
  • 3D Scanning and 3D Modelling – Reverse Engineering productions
  •  Stress module and Solid work
  • CAD and Pro E Software

Major Technological advancements leveraged to manufacture complex castings and enhance the casting quality.

Our Process

Our leading edge is the in-house pattern shop facility which has experienced draftsmen and craftsmen to produce seamless quality patterns with accurate dimensional tolerances.

  • Capability to produce wooden patterns in high quality plywood as well as aluminum patterns.
  • Dedicated CNC flexicam pattern manufacturing machine
  • Experienced pattern development team for design and methoding


  • Dedicated team for pattern modification and ensures dimensional and shrinkage allowances for the same pattern, used for different material grades.
  • High quality plywood is used with longer sheer life and minimum deformation
  • Dedicated pattern storage area. GMF has over 6000 patterns stored in-house.
Our Process

GMF can produce castings from few kilos to 4 tonnes as a single piece. With a unique combination of automatic moulding line conducive for high volume production and hand moulding skills for a bespoke range of castings, we have a leading edge that enables us to be a preferred supplier for casting requirements.

No Bake Alpha Set Process

Two-part chemically bonded sand system and optimum mix of silica and chromite sand enables us to produce castings with superior quality and finish.

Auto Line

30 T/hr double arm high speed mixer with a fast loop for machine moulding

  • Casting weight range: 20kg – 250kg
  • Mould size 1.2m x 1m x 0.7m.

Hand/Floor Moulding

20 T/hr mixers for hand moulding. Custom made boxes

  • Casting weight range: 250kg – 3000kg
  • Mould size 2.5m x 2.5m x 1.4m.

Core Making

Separate OMEGA mixer 10 T/Hr for core making.

Sand Reclamation

Noise controlled mould knock out chamber and mechanical sand reclamation unit with over 75% reclaimed and reused sand.

Our Process

GMF is equipped with four furnaces which ensure higher reliability.   We adopt high quality melting practices within a controlled atmosphere, minimizing the contamination between chemical compositions.

Induction Furnace

Induction dual track medium frequency furnace Immersion type Pyrometer for temperature control.

Melting Crucible

  • 2 Nos. of 2 tonnes
  • 1 No. of 1.5 tonne
  • 1 No. of 0.5 tonne


Bottom Pouring and Lip Pouring geared ladles scrap and other melting components of the highest quality used for each melt and three levels of chemical compositions are created before pouring.

Our Process
Our Process

Castings are knocked out and sent further for processing. Our skilled workforce carry out fettling, gouging, grinding and necessary shot blasting.

 GMF’s welding team is highly skilled & well versed with the stringent specifications, industry standards and have a proven track record of meeting client requirements.

  1. Gouging Machines 1,000 – 1,250 amps capacity (Miller, USA). 
  2. Welding Rectifiers 850 amps capacity (Miller, USA).
  3. Pickling and passivation facilities for stainless steel.
  4. 4.5 tonne shot blasting machine (table type) – 1 No, Patel Furnace India.
  5. 500 kg shot blasting machine, hanger hook type 1 No, BMD India
  6. EOT Cranes – Handling capacity up to 6 MT
  7. Separate booth for grinding of stainless steel castings.
  8. Swing frame grinding and high speed pneumatic grinding facilities
Our Process

We have three PLC controlled heat treatment furnaces with 5 and 6 tonne capacities, Oil fired, Bogie Hearth Furnace with maximum working temperature 1200 degree centigrade.

The below mentioned heat treatments can be carried out. For each heat treatment, time-temperature charts are generated and provided to customers on request.

  • Annealing 
  • Normalizing 
  • Tempering 
  • Stress relieving 
  • Solution Annealing (Water quenching with fork quench mechanisim)
  • Quenching tanks with water cooling agitation system (36000 lts capacity)

GMF technicians are experts in processing   special grades for high temperature applications like C12, C5 & C12A.

Our Process

GMF has In-house facilities to conduct the following non-destructive tests:

  • Radiographic testing (RT) – In house radiography studies and up gradation 
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) – Wet & Dry method
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT) 
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) – UTN 40 with (40,000 kgf capacity)
  • NDT Operators qualified to ANSI Level 2 for RT,UT, MT, VT & DT
Our Process

Complete metallurgical analysis and quality  checks of each sample.

GMF is equipped with the latest instruments to provide physical and chemical properties of each grade.

  • Spectrometer – 32 elements metallurgical & chemistry analyzer from SPECTRA VIEW
  • High temperature tensile stress upto 40KN; impact test properties for temp upto 196 deg C; hardness calculation
  • Microscopic grain structure analysis, gas content and mechanical properties studies
  • Sample NDT – Prototype heat treatment in Muffle Furnace, UT, MPT, DPT checks in lab
  • Full -fledged sand testing lab for AFS test, moisture content determination, LOI (Loss of ignition) and Acid PH analysis.
  • IGC testing equipment for corrosion and hydrogen sulphide stress racking
  • Radioactive contamination studies

Major mechanical and chemical tests can be conducted and certified as per ASTM/DIN/EN industry standards for respective grades.

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